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If you need photos

You can search and find crowd sourced photos here on the web or you can download our Office App and get access to 50 million photos directly within PowerPoint.

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Pickit offers you two levels of the market. One level is FREE and the other is a PREMIUM subscription for $9.99 a month. Both levels gives you access to all photos. The Free version has of course limitations. For example; you can request a photo but it will have a 24 hours delay until it reaches the community. With the Premium version your request is instant.

If you have photos or like to snap

Sign up, find out what people need and upload your photos to the missions. It’s free to upload photos and you can upload as many photos as you like. You will always have control of your photos and can easily manage them on your account. As a photographer on Pickit you will earn money. Pickit takes maximum* 40% of the revenues from the subscriptions and the rest goes to the photographers. The Basic Reward Model** is fair and simple. All active*** photographers on Pickit will equally share 20% of the revenue from the subscriptions. The last 40% is based on how much your photos are used. This means that everyone gets paid and the photographers that contribute the most gets even more. The rewards will be placed on your Pickit account.

* If you sell a photo with exclusive license (means that you can’t sell this photo to someone else) you will get 100% of the set reward money. The buyer pays an additional fee to Pickit for buying the photo.

** The Basic Reward Model means that the revenues from the users on the Pickit market paying for the subscription is divided between the service and the photographers. Note: there are other ways to earn money on Pickit (read more in the FAQ).

*** To be an active photographer on Pickit you need to upload 5 photos/month.

Pickit is a place where you can’t do wrong. We know that the existing solutions for getting access to photos and use them legally or to sell a photo are waaaay too complicated. Pickit is challenging the old ways!

Pickit is easy just as long as you agree to and understand some basic rules for photographers:
  1. Only upload photos that you have taken. By uploading a picture, you guarantee that you have the right to license it.
  2. If your photo shows persons that clearly can be identified – you need that persons consent (signed) to upload the photo on Pickit.
  3. If your photo has a famous object or art work in focus – you need consent from the copyright owner to upload the photo.
  4. You can’t use Pickit to post or request offensive material, harass people, send spam, fake accounts, commit fraud, steal or do other not so clever stuff. Behave and be fine!

If you follow these simple things, you will make money on your photos since the people who need them can use them.

It is as easy as that.

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